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  • Delhi experiences vital drop of 31pc in every day Covid circumstances

Delhi experiences vital drop of 31pc in every day Covid circumstances

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Haryana Governor dispatches 4,000 kits to struggle Covid-19

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Ukraine going through ‘nightmare state of affairs’ as Russian troops mass alongside border, British defence chiefs warn

Britain’s Ministry of Defence chiefs are worried about a much larger Russian incursion into Ukraine, raising fears of warfare engulfing cities and high civilian death tolls

Boris Johnson will announce he’s DROPPING Plan B Covid curbs

Downing Street last night said the Prime Minister had summoned a special meeting of the Cabinet this morning to decide whether the measures put in place to halt the variant’s…

Dozens of new-intake and Red Wall Tory MPs launch ‘pork pie plot’ to convey down Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was last night battling to put down a coup attempt by Red Wall MPs. Ministers rounded on the group of newly-elected Tories after details emerged of their ‘Pork…

Woman meets organic son she by no means knew she had 25 YEARS after donating egg used to conceive him

Kristin Schoonveld, 52, anonymously donated her eggs in 1994. She mostly didn’t think about the fact that she might have a biological child in the world until she took a DNA…

Browns’ Malik McDowell is arrested for ‘public publicity and beating an officer in Florida’

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell was reportedly arrested for public exposure and beating a deputy in Florida on Monday.

Prince Andrew’s ex Lady Victoria Hervey says Ghislaine Maxwell was ‘a sufferer’ of Jeffrey Epstein

ITV has released a clip ahead of the ‘Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile’ documentary on tonight which featured Lady Victoria describing Maxwell and Epstein as like ‘Batman and Robin’.

Children make up lower than 0.1% of all Covid deaths because the pandemic started

The risk children face from Covid is especially low, per CDC data. Despite making up 22 percent of the population, children make up less than 0.1 percent of deaths from…

Woman busts boyfriend texting one other lady, methods him into confronting her

Lucy Dash, a hairstylist from Brooklyn, New York, took to TikTok last week to share a video of herself driving her sleeping partner across state lines.