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US pressuring India to restart Covid-19 vaccine exports: Report



The US is quietly pressuring India to restart COVID-19 vaccine exports, Axios reported citing sources.According to the report, the Biden administration is planning to offer a higher-profile role for Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the COVID-19 global summit in New York if he agrees to release vaccines soon.Early this year, India halted vaccine exports as coronavirus cases surged in the country.According to Axios, convincing PM Modi to resume vaccine supply, is an important part of the Biden administration’s strategy to mitigate the international spread of the virus.An administration official acknowledged discussing vaccine exports but denied they are tied to Modi’s upcoming participation.”We have regularly been communicating with [the] government of India in bilateral and multilateral channels to discuss vaccine supply and inquire about the timeline for exports, and these conversations are not tied to a specific summit or engagement,” the U.S. official said on the condition of …

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