China-Taiwan Tensions: Taipei’s official leading missile production found dead

Amid China-Taiwan tensions, a top Taiwanese defence official has been found dead in hotel room. Ou Yang Li-hsing, deputy head of Taiwan defence ministry’s research and development unit, was found dead in southern Taiwan. As per CNA report, he died due to heart attack. Ou Yang had assumed his post as the deputy head of the military-owned National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology early this year to supervise various missile production projects and was on a business trip. Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was preceded by severe warnings from China that it will take “resolute and forceful measures to firmly defend its national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” With her arrival on August 2, the U.S. House Speaker became the highest-ranking elected US official to visit Taiwan in over 25 years. Watch this video for more details.


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