Activists, dog lovers allege negligence at Navi Mumbai dog sterilisation centre | Mumbai news

Animal lovers and activists have alleged gross negligence and apathy towards stray animals at the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC)-run stray dog sterilisation centre in Turbhe.

Ghansoli-based animal lover, Anish Maurya, 29, claimed two stray dogs lost their lives solely because of improper treatment at the centre.

NMMC, in June, had captured three dogs from a residential society. “They took the most docile dogs of the area and after 15 days, the dogs were released in the worst condition. The hind limb of one dog was broken and it couldn’t sit down, the second developed a severe ear infection and died writhing in pain while the third dog developed some internal infection and succumbed,” said Maurya.

The veterinarians sent by the centre to provide emergency treatments to strays are said to be totally inefficient. “Recently, a puppy was suffering and the junior vets had no idea of injecting a needle,” added Maurya.

Similar instances were voiced by other residents as well. Nerul Sector 21-based Usha Ashok Singh (59) was shattered to know that last Saturday the dog fondly known as Kaalu fed by her for the past 10 years died due to improper treatment at the NMMC’s sterilisation centre.

“Kaalu had gone missing after getting hit by a truck. It was eventually located at the centre by a volunteer but was in dire condition. Its body was infected with maggots. The volunteer, unable to bear the sight, got it admitted at a privately-run animal shelter. He even got the blood test done on Thursday but unfortunately the infection was beyond repair and the dog passed away,” she said.

Activists pointed out that the dogs admitted at the centre suffer from gastro and ticks. Even the location of the centre, situated adjacent to the dumping yard, is said to be adding to the health scare for both the animals as well as the staff.

“There are cases of badly-injured dogs kept in confinement for 15 days and then left with aggravated infections that are eventually contracted by other healthy dogs. Since NMMC has outsourced the operation of the centre to a private agency, there is a need to implement a system for accountability,” said Aarti Chauhan, another activist from Nerul Sector 19.

Shriram Pawar, deputy municipal commissioner, said about reviewing the functioning of the centre. “I am regularly in touch with the staff and there is a strict screening process before release of any of their bills. Nevertheless, I will once again conduct a thorough scrutiny of the centre to rule out negligence,” he said.

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