Leak in storm water drain causing health hazards, Parsik Hill residents complain | Mumbai news

ByG. Mohiuddin Jeddy, Navi Mumbai

For over ten years, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has failed to plug a leak in the storm water drain on the residential part of the Parsik Hill despite repeated complaints, claim the residents.

The leaking drain leads to accumulation of water, posing health hazards to the residents. The civic officials claim that they have now begun work on repairing the drain.

“The low-lying area below the hill has now turned into a mini pond. Residents say even the sewerage line leaks into this drain in the valley between Sectors 26 and 27, adding to the health hazards,” said BN Kumar, director of NatConnect Foundation, who highlighted the issue with NMMC commissioner, Abhijit Bangar.

Needless to point out, it rains heavily on the hill, he said.

“We have been communicating with the municipal corporation for over a decade. All that we got was assurance after assurance but no action,” said Parsik Hill Residents Association (PHRA) secretary, Rajendra Lokhande.

PHRA member and activist Sahana Dandin, who clicked fresh pictures of the leakage, said, “The accumulation of water is also causing mosquito menace and we fear outbreak of malaria and dengue.”

City engineer Sanjay Desai said, “We are aware of the situation and have initiated the repair work. There was an issue with the leakage in the tank and the problem arose in the monsoon as rain water collected. The issue will be resolved soon.”

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