Punishment? China suspends alcohol imports from Taiwan: Report | World News

China suspended the import of a selection of alcoholic beverages from Taiwan including products from state-owned Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corp., according to Taiwan’s official Central News Agency.

Legend Brewery, Yunshan Distillery and Taihu Brewing were among companies whose products were included, according to the report. China also halted imports of some other beverages, including Uni-President Enterprises Corp. products, according to Taiwan’s Next Apple News website.

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China has scaled back purchases of Taiwanese products as Beijing seeks to punish the island’s democratically elected government for increasing ties with the US and its allies. While food made up a tiny fraction of Taiwan’s more than $328 billion of two-way trade with China last year, it’s one area where Beijing can find alternative sources, in contrast to semiconductors from Taiwan’s technologically advanced manufacturers.

In the wake of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei in August, China said it would suspend imports of some fish and fruit from the island.

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